The inbetween: starting to think about #Project365

# It’s that time of year again. I call it the between time. Between 27th and 31st December. There’s not much going on but it’s not yet time to move on from Christmas. It makes for a lot of backward glancing and forward looking (all while sitting down) between meals, between days.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve spent the between time planning. Putting dates in my shiny new diary and planning adventures to look forward to in the days ahead. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are spectacular. Every time they fill me with a sense of purpose for the year ahead. This time, thanks to #Project365, there will be photographs to document my progress.

#Project365, for the uninitiated, is a year long project that asks participants to document a theme every day for a year. The challenge is finding something that will interest you as much as anyone else. It can be anything Рa doodle a day, a conversation a day, a word a day. The list is endless but therein lays the problem.

For me 2012 is already hugely exciting. I’ve got lots of plans in my diary already (and some still in my head!) so I’m really hoping that the Mayans really did just run out of room and the next 365 (give or take the between time) will be chock full of things to get excited about.


The problem is, I don’t have a theme yet. All I know is that I want to take part. There’s a lesson there I think.

So, until such time as I stumble upon a theme, I’m going to post a picture of yesterday.

This yesterday was a day out in Canterbury.

The best between times don’t feel like they are between anything at all. Just right in the middle of amazing.



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